Hello there! I am Norwin Roosen, a M.Sc. Geoinformatics student
  at ifgi in Münster.
  My interests are anything related to technology and openness;
  currently mostly IoT sensing. I fluently speak JavaScript
  (server- & clientside) and R, and am experienced in DevOps
  workflows with Linux & Docker.
  When starting new projects, I always aim to learn new concepts
  and technologies in the process.

  Contact me via XMPP or email (PGP), or find me at GitHub & Keybase.

  Work Experience

> External Semester at 52°North (May 2018 - present)

  - Development of an on-demand web-harvester for hydrological
    datasets at ECMWF Summer of Weather Code.

> Software dev & GIS consulting at EcoLibro (Dez 2017 - Apr 2018)

  - Conceptualization & development of EECHARGIS, a predictive
    spatiotemporal modeling tool for EV-charger infrastructure
    deployment, implemented as a QGIS plugin.
  - (Q)GIS training & consulting.

> Student assistant for the senseBox project (May 2016 - Sep 2017)

  - Development on front- & backend of to extend
    the platform with support for mobile sensor stations.
  - Integration of LoRaWAN-connected sensors into openSenseMap by
    building a bridge to
  - Teaching students and teachers in Arduino programming.

> Technical supervision for the student council Geoinformatics
  at ifgi (2015 - present)

  - Maintenance of the councils IT infrastructure, including
    a Debian server running a bunch of services.


> Master of Science Geoinformatics (2017 - present)

  - Currently studying at Institute for Geoinformatics.

> Bachelor of Science Geoinformatics (2013 - 2016)

  - Completed at Institute for Geoinformatics of WWU Münster.
    Thesis subject: "Integration of mobile sensors into the
    sensor web platform"


> 2018

  - Scraper for semi-open commuter-data in Germany.

> 2017

  - Integration of LoRaWAN-connected sensors into the OGC SensorWeb:
    First price in the 52°North Student Innovation Challenge.

  - client for R: tooling for statistical analysis
    of environmental sensor data.

> 2016

  - GPS-tracked particulate matter sensor for

  - Controlling AR-Drones with a gamepad.

> 2015

  - Integrating geographic information into MIDI sequencing
    software (demo).